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Admissions and Registration Information

Recommended prerequisites: High school biology; concurrent enrollment in Horticulture program.

PLEASE REGISTER for the class as soon as possible! Under-enrolled classes are more likely to be cancelled.

1. Go to the Trip Schedule page and click on the link for the semester you want to take the class, and the dates and deadlines for registration for that semester.

2. Register for the class:

    See the Merritt College website: https://www.merritt.edu/steps/ and follow the steps listed there to apply and enroll.

    • To find the course information, search the appropriate semester in the Merritt College catalog for instructor last name "WINCHESTER" to find "Alpines Lab" and register for the class using the class code listed.
    • NOTE: You must re-apply for admission if you have not attended Merritt College in the last academic year. After the admission process is complete, carefully follow instructions for registering for the class. Note that your user name and password for registering for classes are NOT the same as your user name and password used in the application for admission.

3. Sign up for a trip: choose which trip you want to go on and EMAIL Stew Winchester to reserve yourself a spot on a specific trip. Call Stew Winchester if you haven't received a confirmation within a week.

Please note:

  • The trip limits (max number of particpants per trip) will be determined by the instructor.
  • The first students who have registered for the class and signed up for a trip by email will be signed up for their first choice trip until the trip limit is reached. Students who try to sign up for a trip that has reached the limit will be notified that they need to select an alternate trip.
  • All destinations are subject to change due to weather, flower abundance, fall color, road conditions, etc.
  • A trip may be cancelled if fewer than 5 students have signed up for that trip.
  • If you need to cancel your participation on a trip, PLEASE notify Stew and Susan AT LEAST A WEEK BEFORE THE TRIP, so another student may have the opportunity to go on that trip. Please be considerate of your fellow students! If you register and reserve a spot for yourself on a trip and then don't go, another student who could have gone will miss out.