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Spring 2019

There is still time to enroll in Stew Winchester’s Spring 2019 classes at Merritt.

First class meets on January 23. Last Day to add (with permission number) is February 3.

LANHT 5EB Spring Native Plant ID (eve)
Wednesday 6:30- 9:20pm H101
Class number 23971 -  3 units

LH5: Identification and culture of spring native plants used in the landscape: Climate, soil and water preferences; garden culture; pest and disease problems; pruning and propagation. Slide presentations substituted for lab.

Class meets January 23 – May 22

LANHT 12 Weeds in the Urban Landscape
Wednesday 10am- 12:50am H101
Class number 23972 -  3 units

LH12: Study of nature of weeds and their interactions in the environment: Emphasis on identification and characteristics of various central California weeds, including preventive, biological, and chemical methods of weed control.

After the first few classes, weather permitting, this class will meet mostly out in the field!

Note - If you have already taken California Native Plants classes, but have not yet had a weeds class – you need a weeds class! Most of the plants you see along most trails in the Bay Area are weeds, so if you want to learn the natural history of our area, you can’t ignore the weeds. And, if you are a gardener in the Bay Area, you will spend much more time dealing with weeds than with diseases or insects.

Class meets January 23 – May 22

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NOTE - You must re-apply for admission if you have not attended Merritt College in the last academic year. After the admission process is complete, carefully follow instructions for registering for the class. Note that your user name and password for registering for classes are NOT the same as your user name and password used in the application for admission.

If you have questions not answered on these web pages, please email Stew.