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Summer 2019 Alpine Trips with Stew Winchester

*Class number and enrollment dates will be listed when Merritt’s official schedule is posted.

1. To go on a trip, FIRST register for the class on the Peralta College Passport System.
The class is LH053 Alpines Lab, number _____* - 1 unit.
(If you search for classes on the summer schedule, enter “Merritt” and “Landscape Horticulture”. If you are not currently a Peralta student, you will need to apply, or re-apply if you have previously taken classes at one of the Peralta colleges, before you can register for the class). June 23* is the deadline to register for the class for summer 2019.

2. EMAIL hortecology@gmail.com to reserve a spot on your first choice trip. You may sign up for one or two trips. If you sign up for two trips, please indicate which trip is your first choice. Email confirmations will be sent out after May 15. Call Stew Winchester if you haven't received an email confirmation by May 25. June 23* is the deadline to email your trip signup request for summer 2019.

3. ATTEND the REQUIRED Orientation meeting on Thursday June 6 at Merritt in H108 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Those new to Stew’s weekend field trip classes MUST attend the orientation meeting, which includes information on preparation, logistics, books, equipment, and food. Stew will hand out the class syllabus, present slides of trip destinations, roll out the maps, and answer questions. Stew will also hand out Mountain Hardwear store passes to enrolled students, and will have used backpacking gear available to purchase. Students who have previously taken weekend field trips with Stew, please REVIEW the information on logistics and requirements.

Important Dates

Orientation Meeting June 6
Last Date to add June 23*
Last Date to Drop with Refund June 23*
Last Date to Drop without W June 23*
Last Date to request P/NP June 27*
Last Date to Drop with W July 16*

Note –YOU are responsible to drop the class if you cannot come on a trip! If you don’t drop the class by the Last Date to Drop with Refund, you WILL be charged for the class (i.e. you will not be able to register for future classes at Peralta colleges until you pay for this class).

Stew's cell phone  is (510) 685-7024, e-mail is stewwinchester@sbcglobal.net. Please use email for general inquiries. Trip sign-up requests must include your cell number and should be emailed to Susan Agnew: hortecology@gmail.com.  (If you need to cancel, you must email as soon as you know that you will miss a trip that you have signed up for.)

For more information and any schedule updates, checl this page periodically.

*Class number and enrollment dates will be listed when Merritt’s official schedule is posted.

Summer 2019 Alpines Trip Schedule







July 4-8
5 days
Thur – Mon
Backpacking OR Carcamping

Siskiyou Wilderness
Siskiyou NF / Klamath NF
OR Yolla Bolly Wilderness, Mendocino NF OR Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains NM

Destination and details will be decided after winter rain and spring meltoff timing is assessed.

Siskiyous: Klamath Ranges. Serpentine and Granite. Conifer Country! relictual forest understory, seeps and bogs. Darlingtonias, Lilies, Azaleas, Orchids.
YB: High North Coast Ranges. Metasediments and schists, glaciated landforms. Lilies, Eriogonums, Penstemons, ferns
SJ: San Jacinto Mountains. Oak and pine woodland, chaparral, thorn woods.


July 11-15
5 days
Thur– Mon

Marble Mountains Wilderness,
Klamath NF

Pack in from Lovers Camp to base camp near Marble Gap, 4,200' to ~6,000', about 4.5 miles. Day hikes to Sky High Lakes, Marble Mtn., Black Marble Mtn., Little Marble Valley.

Klamath Ranges: Limestone, metasediments. Rock gardens and mountain meadows. Foxtail pines, Campanulas, Anemones, Eriogonums, Ipomopsis, Lewisias, and LILIES!


July 18-22
5 days
Thur – Mon

Sierra Nevada
Inyo NF

Humphrey Basin or Upper Convict Basin
Instructor permission required. Limited to 8 students who confirm recent backpacking  experience at high elevation.

High Sierra Nevada: Granitic and metavolcanic rocks. Waterfalls, Lakes, Conifer forests, Meadows, and Rock Gardens. Cassiope, Phyllodoce, Eriogonums, Arnicas, Epilogiums, Polemoniums!


July 25-31?
5-7 days
Thurs – ?

Backpacking OR Carcamping

Eagle Cap Wilderness, Wallowa Mountains

Backpack: Ice Lake, Matterhorn Peak

Wallowa Mountains: Limestone, glacial cirques. Columbia Basin flowers. Larch, spruce, pines, hemlock. Eriogonums, Penstemons, Lupines and more.

Please note:

  • Two details on Merritt’s posted class schedule are wrong. 1: Students do not enroll in all trips; each student signs up for ONE trip. 2: Trips are not cancelled due to weather conditions, but a posted destination may change depending on weather, road conditions, or phenology.
  • Costs: Trip fee $20 (includes shared equipment such as water filters and stove fuel). Additional expenses include carpooling (riders cover all fuel costs for drivers) and may include campground fees and wilderness permit fees where applicable.  Participants carpool for all trips; class meets by arrangement at the destination.
  • Students who have enrolled in the class and emailed their trip requests will be signed up for their first choice trip until the trip limit is reached. Each trip is limited to 12 students, except for Trip 3 which is limited to 8 students. Students who request to sign up for a trip that is full will be notified that they need to select an alternate trip.
  • Each participant should be in good shape and be able to hike/backpack/take care of personal needs/keep up with the group AND have enough energy remaining to learn about plants while exploring the outdoor environment.
  • Each participant provides their own food and personal camping equipment. Stew may have gently used gear available for purchase and hand out Mountain Hardwear store passes at the Orientation Meeting at Merritt on June 7.
  • REI offers classes in basic backpacking skills. This is a botany class.

Please revisit this page for more information and schedule updates.

"As students in the life sciences we must all make an effort to absorb nature's bounty this year. Get yourselves and your cameras ready!"